Aureoo for digital schools

Collaborate, share, learn

Aureoo helps teachers, students and groups collaborate and organise digital content


Create a path of knowledge to guide your students through the curriculum


Allow students to create connections between content in an interactive map


Integrate existing online tools easily into your map with just one click

Be social


Teenagers enjoy using Aureoo as they can share, link, contextualise and understand information in a unique way. Utilise Aureoo as a social tool to enable children to invest time in creating a web resource for their personal and scholastic growth.

Educators using Aureoo

Paola Cretti - teacher at secondary school

I use Aureoo to expand the themes on which the essay will be written. The kids are excited to use Aureoo in class and are happy with the results they have achieved so far.

Chiara Faggiolani - professor at University “La Sapienza”

I chose to use Aureoo as a tool for creating a bibliography during my course. I think Aureoo can be a very useful social instrument of participation and exaltation of collective intelligence (according to Lévy's logic: “nobody knows everything, everyone knows something”).

Don Milani - Silvano Serpagli, head of “made in future” project

Aureoo and education? A winning combination! Within a network project of one hundred and sixty secondary school students, a dozen teachers and several territorial partners, the platform played a crucial role. On the one hand, it allows groups to graphically reproduce the paths undertaken and, on the other hand, exploit the potential of cross-media maps to share the resources they produce.

Features of Aureoo Edu?

  • create a private social network
  • manage account activity
  • create groups of students and teachers
  • create private maps
  • customise maps
  • back-up and duplicate your maps
  • create unlimited public maps
  • create, collaborate and share with whoever your choose