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Add digital content from the Web

Copy and paste links from the web and insert them in a map as a draft or as hubs. The system automatically recognises pictures, video, pdf documents and url.

Add publications

Enable others to discover connections between a book and digital content by entering the title, author and ISBN.

Upload your digital content

Upload and share your word files, excel, illustrator, png images, pdf, mp3 and many other formats to share with whoever you want and always have them available.

Create public maps

Create maps and share them with Aureoo and the web, share stories and knowledge that helps others to find new digital content related to their research.

Create public discussions

Create threads within the map which are open to students enrolled in Aureoo who have access to the map.

Private messaging between users

Connect to people you find on Aureoo in a private chat.

Create private maps

You control who views your map. The maps are invisible to those who have the link but were not invited to have access.

15 private
Create private discussions

Create threads within private maps.

Create a private network for your organisation

Add email accounts of your organisation (school, institution, library or business) and assign them different roles. Access maps of content created within your network. Receive notifications and monitors all activities of those within the network or group.

Customise your map

Use the colors that you want to build the map. Create unlimited paths, colour coded by theme or content.

Invite other users

Invite others to participate in the map by assigning them different roles.

Create and discover content to use in your maps

Discover new digital content by searching by keyword or theme. If you want, you can connect content to an existing map or reuse in a map you are creating.

Create a backup of your maps

Duplicate the map when you're not sure which route to take or wish to share only part of the map to a new group of users.

Organise your users into workgroups

Manage users you invite to maps into working groups, (a team or class project), so you can invite whole groups to work directly with the new maps that you create.

Save 20% on a single account

Save 20% on account per individual.

Export paths of content

Share your connected digital content in a “timeline” format, simplify content in an easy to follow “path”.

Share the web

Share connections, hubs and maps on major social networks: a formidable tool to help people discover your knowledge, ideas and organisation to optimise SEM.