Organise your favourite content into beautiful maps to share.

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Share your knowledge with aureoo

Integrate any type of content into a map, from your favourite videos to apps you use every day.
Create visual connections using our colour palette to find content more easily.
Build maps on your own or share them with your collaborators, followers or students.

All the tools you need to create beautiful maps

Browser app: save the best content on the web with one click
Community building: chat, comment, invite people to collaborate and much more
Use hashtags: Use hashtags to organise your content.
Open search tool: searching for something on aureoo brings up relations between
Color palette: give colour to your aureoos and highligh what is connected
Privacy settings: Everything you create is your own property. You can decide on which level you want other users to collaborate with you.

Make the most out of the web

Education k-12
Take the best tools and content of the web and connect them the way you need to create your lesson. Share your resources with other expert on the subject and train the students to do the same.
Researchers (uni students, professor and writers)
Turn your bookmarks into mind maps that help you remember and share what you find out.
Book lovers
Build aureoo maps to guide your readers through the books you love. Then add videos and other medias to them and give people outstanding experiences
Creatives and creative teams
Brainstorm, create paths between inspirational websites, share moodboards, Aureoo is the perfect tool to boost your creative process.
Facilitate and accelerate the way people share knowledge within your company. Make better critical decision in a faster time.

Write and read the media

The way we share knowledge has a deep impact on our society. By allowing people to share maps of content and not timelines, aureoo wants to promote lateral reading and divergent thinking, two major skills for the 21st century.

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